Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog no more

I am discontinuing this blog. Maybe one day I'll get around to writing again.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Yesterday was a BAD day, horrible for reasons I am not going to get into right now. I managed to get by but nothing was going to make me laugh, that's for sure. Then, Kaya returned home from her Dad's and proved me wrong.

Kaya and I were brushing our teeth before bed. Our bathroom is next to the cat boxes. Our roommate Sheila has a dog named Ozzie who, from time to time, gets into the litter boxes (ew!). As Kaya and I were getting ready to brush our teeth, she said to me "We should label the cat boxes with Raz & Sassy's names so that way Ozzie will stay out." I laughed and asked if she thought the animals could read. She replied, "Yes, they read!!" to which I responded with more laughter. At this point, Kaya exasperatedly states, "Cats and dogs can read. Animals can read!" I see how serious she is and respond with, "You're right. Animals can read - we're animals and we can read. I must admit tho that I haven't seen cats and dogs reading books." This was it. I had pushed her over the edge. She placed her hands on her hips, rolled her eyes, and said, "Of COURSE they don't read books - they don't have opposable thumbs! They read LABELS!"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Giving Thanks

I want to write and acknowledge how damn fortunate and lucky I am. Back in 2000, I was working for Eagle Electric. One of the jobs that I spent a whole lot of time on was a custom multi-million dollar home on the Lynnhaven River in VB. I came into the job as it was transitioning from roughing in to trimming out. I worked on the job until it was done. As a result, I got to see the family move in with all of their opulent art and furniture in place. The house itself was a work of art and gorgeous but all of the things weren't captivating to me. The land captivated me. There was something to the energy of the place that I could never shake. The job ended for me in early spring 2001 yet I continued to dream of that house and that land for years to follow. At least two to three times a year, for the last ten years, I would dream that I was back at the house and a part of that land.
Imagine my surprise last June when a friend of mine invited me to help a friend of hers with a landscaping job at the same house. I shared my story about the house with her and accepted the offer to earn some money. This was only about a month after my husband had left the children and me. I was freaking out over what I was going to do to make ends meet. I was beyond grateful to get out there and earn extra money. The homeowner recognized me when I arrived to work. He and I talked about where life had taken me in the years that followed. I explained how I went from doing electrical work to earning a biochemistry degree from Virginia Tech to working in the eye and tissue donation industry to being a stay home homeschooling mom. I also explained to him that my future was uncertain as my husband had just left and I wasn't sure what I was going to do in the months to come. I worked out there a few times in June and then was invited back to work in July. This time the homeowner asked if I could work for him directly. After two months of a lot of stuff that I am not going to get into here, I began working about 16 hours a week for this family.
My mother made a tongue in cheek comment at the time that maybe they'd adopt me. In many respects, that's exactly what they did. They have 10 acres of manicured gardens - WAY too much for me to maintain by myself in 16 hours. It is enough to keep two people busy for at least 40 hours a week nine months out of the year. The homeowner's recently told me this: "We like you and we like what you do. If we're helping you accomplish your parenting goals by minimally employing you here, then we are happy to keep you working". I honestly don't know how I would have made it through the last six months if this family hadn't given me the work. One thing is certain: we would have had to go back to a more mainstream way of life. I more than likely would have had to put the kids back into public school. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I have been for this opportunity.

One little section of the land...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FaceBook: Cause & Solution to All of Our Problems

I have a burning desire to erase all of my content off of my facebook page and deactivate my account. For serious. Just be done with it. I like life. I like living life in REAL life. I feel like I could accomplish so much more if it were gone.

On the other hand...
I have so many people that I keep in touch with via facebook. FB becomes this pseudo connection for me with others, especially when I feel isolated during the winter. It's also how I keep on top of what's going on in a variety of movements and know when I need to help spread the word on pending issues.

Maybe I should just get rid of this profile and create one with the sole purpose of staying in touch with other activists ( especially my network here in VA). Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

Monday, February 7, 2011

WordPress: should I?

I've noticed that most blogs I read and follow are published through WordPress, which has me wondering... am I missing something? Is it a better tool than Blogger? What advantages exist that I am unaware of? It appears to me that Blogger is very user friendly whereas I can't seem to even find the option to develop a blog template on my WordPress account. So, to my friends who use WordPress over Blogger: what is it that you like about it? Please educate me =)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Killer Coke House

My home has become a collective house in the last two weeks. This part of our journey began back in September. The separation papers were finally signed and I knew I needed a roommate to be able to make the rent without going back to work full time. My good friend Susan suggested her friend Sheila. It was a match & Sheila moved in. A few months later, my friend (& kids' babysitter) needed a place. Sheila, the kids and I agreed that Becca could move into the sun room and she joined us the last week of January. We had our first house meal/meeting a week ago yesterday.
Us adults share the same world view. We believe in mutual aid, sharing our resources, and sharing in the household chores. We have lots of political posters and pamphlets around our house. One poster hanging is this one:

We also believe in allowing the kids to have a voice in the process. The five of us were bantering back and forth over what our house name should be during dinner the other night. We asked the kids for their input. Kaya energetically exclaimed, "I think we should call us the Killer Coke house!" We all busted out laughing and decided NOT to opt for that name - can't imagine how long before the DEA would come knocking ;-) In the meantime, the brain storming continues...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

How To Be Alone

I figure after that wretched post this morning, I should follow up with something on a more positive note. Great, inspirational video =)